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A well-adjusted instrument is absolutely essential in order to obtain its maximum potential. 


We offer maintenance and repair services for acoustic and electric guitars and basses (as well as various other stringed instruments), and try to keep wait time to a minimum, depending on the type of repair and the demand at any particular time.


Example of typical adjustments and repairs:


  • String change

  • Complete setup

  • Nut/saddle repair and replacement

  • Fret levelling, crowning and polishing

  • Re-fret

  • Bridge repair and re-glue

  • Brace and crack repairs

  • Pickup installation (acoustic and electric)

  • Electronics repair (replacement of potentiometers, switches, jacks etc.)

  • Shielding

  • Block tremolo

  • Tuner replacement

  • Strap button repair and installation


And many others…

Maintenance and repair


Repair Rates for 2024 


Hourly rate: $80.00

Minimum charge: $40.00 

Setup: $100.00 + cost of strings


*All other repair work will be estimated and charged based on the hourly rate.

**Price estimates reflect an average cost of repair; final costs may vary according to individual conditions.

***All prices plus taxes

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