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Joel Weber, luthier
Joel Weber, luthier
Joel Weber, luthier

About Weber Instruments

Joel Weber is luthier at, and owner of, Weber Instruments, offering stringed instrument maintenance and repair as well as making high-end custom electric guitars and basses. The second son of Swiss and Canadian parents, Joel likes to tell people that his instruments represent two of the many qualities of his heritage: the extensive use of beautiful Canadian woods, and the precision of work exemplified by the Swiss in many fields; even the Weber Instruments logo shows off parts of his two native countries’ flags. 


Fascinated by music since early childhood, Joel started playing the guitar at the age of 10 and it became his main passion from then on. Playing in many bands on countless stages, he also studied guitar performance at Vanier college in Montreal, Quebec. After graduating in 2008 Joel opened a music school, managing several instructors and teaching guitar to countless students of all ages. In the process, he realized his students often needed adjustments and repairs on their guitars, which led him to learn the skills necessary to do the work himself.

Over the years this work led him deeper into the world of lutherie, and he eventually decided to expand into building instruments. Having also done some woodworking throughout his life, Joel took to the craft like a fish to water, and today finds immense satisfaction in designing his guitars and building them from the ground up into world-class instruments. His dedication to quality shows in his work, and he loves working with musicians to create their dream instrument - he knows the feeling of looking for the perfect guitar, having constantly searched for the ideal one throughout his years as a professional guitarist. Based in St-Zotique, Quebec (Canada) Joel would love to meet you to discuss your instrument repair needs, and even explore what a Weber guitar could do for you!

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